Be a Matching Innovator”

We have a wide range of experience in film, Cartoon, games and other movie production. We implemented regional development projects using XR, Metaverse etc as our own projects. We create new value and common sense by innovatively combining various elements such as existing 'people', 'goods', 'services', and ‘Places’.


Company Name

Annex Digital, Inc.


Capital: 35,000,000JPY

Established: 2014

CEO: Teppei Wakabayashi

Board Member:

  • Masaki Takaoka

  • Masahiro Yamaura

  • Kimiyuki Hashimoto

Number of Employees: 100 (including the employees oversees)


Planning and production of films in general / CG design / PR / Planning and production of spatial exhibits / Planning and production of permanent exhibitions and events at commercial and cultural facilities / Product planning and development / Exhibition event planning, production, operation and construction / Overseas sales of event planning / Planning and sales of E-learning / Local development business


KYORAKU PICTURES. / IMAGICA Lab. / TOHOKUSHINSHA / DENTSU CREATIVE X / HAKUHODO PRODUCTS / SEGA / COLOPLA / Epoch / AnimationCafe / Type Zero / MOLDWORKs / MOLDWORKs / Hook Up / Studio51 / D-Visual / Visual Notes / Granbecca / Appirits / POLYG / Dai Nippon Printing / AEON FANTASY

Group Companies

Densen (Japan) / Annex Information (Japan) / STUDIO TRIDEA (Japan) / Annex Digital Xian (China) / ANNEX DIGITAL Phnom penh (Cambodia) / Annex Digital Taipei (Taiwan) / STUDIO TRIDEA (Taiwan)



Address : 2-4-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo. 5F

TEL : +81-3-5439-5588


[Annex Digital CHINA]
wework China Railway First, 2/F, 9th Yantabei RD, XI’AN, Shaanxi
Annex (Xi’an) Digital Software Co., Ltd.,


[Annex Digital Cambodia]
4th floor, The Link III Bulding
No 32, Street 334, Sangkat Boeung Keng kang 1
Khan Boeung Keng kang, Phnom Penh


[Annex Digital Poland Sp. z o.o.]
ul. Red Tower building
Piotrkowska 148/150,
90-063 Łódź


[Annex Digital TAIWAN]
6F., No.250, Sec. 6, Shimindadao Rd., Xinyi Dist.,Taipei City
Joint Ventures



Teppei Wakabayashi


Born in Nagano, Japan.
Graduated from high school and university in the US.

1997. Assigned to the Intellectual Property Office of Tokyo Electron Limited, where he worked on obtaining patents overseas.
2000. Moved to a real estate consulting company as a consultant, where he learned the know-how of event management and restaurant management for the purpose of regional development while making proposals for the effective use of idle land.
2003. Joined Annex Information,Inc. and became a company director.
2007. Established the first 100% Japanese-capitalized movie production company in China focusing on computer graphics.
2014. Established Annex Digital Inc. as the head office in Tokyo.
2016. Established Taiwan office.
2017. Established Cambodia studio as the first Japanese-capitalized CG production company in Cambodia focusing on movies, commercials, games, etc.
2018. Established STUDIO TRIDEA as a Japan-Taiwan joint venture in the incubation center of National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Taiwan).
2021. Establishment STUDIO TRIDEA JAPAN in Tokyo Contents Incubation Center

He will continue to take on the challenge of creating new value through niche global development, including expansion into Europe.

Director of Headquarters
President of China Branch &
Taiwan Branch Office

Masaki Takaoka


Born in Hyogo Prefecture

2002. Joined OLM digital and was involved in a wide range of 3D production as a generalist
2008. Stationed in China (Xi'an) as General Manager of Annex Digital Xian.,Inc.
2016. Setting up the local office as the director of Annex Digital Taiwan office.
2019. Appointed as Director of Annex Digital (Japan headquarters)

Working as a producer and director on a daily basis while taking advantage of the partner network in China and Taiwan and the characteristics of each of the company's local subsidiaries.

Director of Headquarters

Masahiro Yamaura


Born in Nagano Prefecture

2002. Joined a TV commercial production company engaged as production manager.
2005. Joined a CG production company as a producer.
2008. Appointed as a director of a CG production company, and has been producing and managing the company at the same time since then.
2020. Became independent and established Adequate, Inc.
2021. Appointed as a director of Annex Digital (Japan headquarters)

He has been producing a wide range of entertainment productions regardless of the field, utilizing his knowledge of planning, shooting, CG, and VFX gained through his work experience at both commercial production companies and CG production companies.

Director of Headquarters
President of Cambodia Studio

Kimiyuki Hashimoto


Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture

2005. Joined an image processing IT company, where he worked for 3 years developing web applications for business use. After that, started working in the movie industry as a technical sales representative for a high-quality mask image production service developed by the company.
Also established a production team in the Thailand branch office as the person in charge of the project.
2015. Started preparing for the launch of Cambodia Studio office at the same time of joining Annex Digital Headquarters.
2017. Became the local president with the establishment of the Cambodian subsidiary
2019. Appointed as Director of Annex Digital (Japan headquarters)

Working daily with staff in China & Cambodia to support the Japanese movie industry



During the time in the Planning and Development Department Division of Annex Information, Inc. the predecessor of Annex Digital. We have started the content business in China by publishing a comic book about the success story of the CEO of Haier, the world's largest manufacturer of white home appliance started in China.


Established as China's first 100% Japanese-capitalized CG-based movie production company.
Began 3DCG production, 2D-3D conversion, and masking services.


Started planning and sales of digital promotion tools such as transparent displays as a new business.


Established Annex Digital, Inc. as headquarter in Tokyo.


Established ANNEX DIGITAL TAIWAN as a sales office in Taiwan.


Established ANNEX DIGITAL CAMBODIA, Cambodia's first Japanese-capitalized CG production company focusing on movies, commercial films, games, etc.


Established STUDIO TRIDEA as a Japan-Taiwan joint venture in the incubation center of National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Taiwan).
We started production work for XR projects by cultivating talented people who are good at Unity.


Established STUDIO TRIDEA JAPAN in the Tokyo Contents Incubation Center (TCIC).

Establish a Matching Business Division within the Japan headquarters to create new value and common sense by innovatively combining various elements of existing people, goods, services, and places.


Established ANNEX DIGITAL Poland, the first Japanese-capitalized CG production in Poland focusing on movies, commercial films, games etc.